Bradford Blackburn, assistant professor of music, presented a lecture/performance “The Music of Harry Partch-Corporeality and Musical Gesture” at the 50th national conference of the College Music Society Nov. 18 in Salt Lake City. The lecture/performance was featured as part of the Contemporary Music series. Included in the presentation was a video clip of a performance given by Blackburn, Joshua Baum, a graduate music student from Kansas City, Mo., and Megan Arns (’07) of songs from Harry Partch’s “Eleven Intrusions.” This rare performance of Partch’s music was presented during the 2006 Truman State University New Music Festival and used replica Partch instruments that were designed and built by Blackburn.

At the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion Nov. 17-20 in San Diego, Lloyd Pflueger, professor of philosophy and religion, presented a paper for the Yoga in Theory and Practice Consultation, titled “Meditation and the Future of Yoga Studies” as well as a second paper for the Dharma Association of North America titled “Possession, De-possession, and Re-possession: What’s Samadhi got to do with it?”

Dmitriy Chernookiy, a junior chemistry major from Sedalia, Mo.; Harrison Black, a sophomore chemistry major from Wichita, Kan.; and Katherine Hernandez, a sophomore biology major from Independence, Mo.; presented posters of their research at the recent Midwest Regional meeting of the American Chemical Society in Kansas City, Mo. Chernookiy’s poster was titled “Fabrication and Characterization of Surfaces with Heterogeneous Activity Using Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy;” Black’s, “Crystal and 3-D Molecular Structures of Pesticides;” Hernandez’s, “Manipulation and Modifications of High School and General Chemistry Experiments for Blind and Low-Vision Students.” They were mentored, respectively, by Brian Lamp, associate professor of chemistry; Russell Baughman, professor of chemistry; and David Wohlers, professor of chemistry. Faculty in attendance at the meeting included Baughman, Wohlers and Dana Delaware, professor of chemistry. Wohlers also co-authored another poster titled “Multi-Sensory Learning Experience for Students Who are Blind or Low Vision in the Chemistry Laboratory” and co-organized a teacher’s workshop on “Independent Laboratory Access for the Blind (ILAB).”
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