KKTR to Begin Digital Broadcasting Soon

KKTR, the Truman NPR affiliate broadcasting on the FM dial at 89.7, will be off the air today and possibly for the next three days while radio engineers change out the existing transmitter with a state of the art HD (Hybrid Digital) transmission system. Once KKTR returns to regular broadcasting, listeners will continue to receive NPR programming on their existing radios; however, in order to listen to the digital transmission, a special receiver is required. For more information about high definition radio, you can go to http://www.kbia.org/inside/faq/hd_radio.htm. The advantages of digital include the enhanced audio quality and the ability to receive multiple channels of NPR programming. More information on those new channels is forthcoming. The KKTR digital conversion is possible, in part, through a $78,000 grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

In addition, Truman’s student station KTRM (88.7), is in line for a similar digital makeover. Barring no unforeseen engineering problems, KTRM hopes to return to regular broadcasting next week.

KKTR and KTRM will be the first stations in northeast Missouri to broadcast digital signals.
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