Students Awarded Grants for Scholarship and Research


The following projects are recipients of the Grants-in-Aid-of-Scholarship and Research

“Effect of Cloud Cover on the Brightening of the Night Sky in Missouri”
Student: Andrew Gentry
Mentor: Vayujeet Gokhale
“Decaying Grounds”
Student: Natalie Gruber
Mentor: Lindsey Dunnagan
“Army reservists and work/family life balance: An exploratory study”
Student: Jenna Leong
Mentor: Carol Cox
“Connection to the Individual Narrative in 2020”
Student: Madilyn McClain
Mentor: Lindsey Dunnagan
“Investigation of Potential Inhibitors of Amyloid Aggregation as it Relates to Alzheimer’s Disease”
Student: Alexandra Platt
Mentor: Bill Miller

“A school connectedness program for student social-emotional knowledge and skills”
Student: Rylee Shertzer
Mentor: Carol Cox
“The Homefront: Kirksville During the Great War, 1914-1919”
Student: Travis Stahlman
Mentor: Jason McDonald
“Computer Simulations to detect Dark matter particles in the Solar System
Student: Murtuza Taqi
Mentor: Tim Wiser
“Development and Suitability Analysis of College Community Centric Service Offerings”
Students: Victor Wei and Abduboriy Abdurakhmonov
Mentor: Kafi Rahman
“Tuba Electronics”
Students: Emma Palumbo and Theo Greer
Mentor: Charles Gran

“Relations Among Personality, Behavior, and Conversation Outcomes
Students: Rachel Whaley, Lydia Helfrich and Morgan Ireland
Mentor: Jeffery Vittengl
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