John Ishiyama, professor of political science and director of the McNair Program; Paul Parker, professor of political science; John James Quinn, associate professor of political science; and Candace Young, professor of political science; had their article “Surveying Capstone Courses in Political Science” accepted for publication in the journal Academic Exchange Quarterly. The article will appear in the December 2007 issue of the journal.

Lesa Ketterlinus, director of the Career Center
, was one of the 12 recipients of the Key Leader Award as an outstanding volunteer for the YMCA in the state of Missouri. She was recognized at the Key Leaders Conference Oct. 12 in Columbia, Mo.

Steven D. Reschly, associate professor of history and chair of the department of history,
and M. Lynn Rose, associate professor of history, gave the keynote speech, “Third-Wave Feminism: Women’s Abilities and Disabilities in the Twenty-First Century,” for International Women’s Day at the American University of Kuwait, Kuwait City, on March 8, 2007. Rose also presented “Issues in Disability” for an upper-level class in business philosophy at AUK, and Reschly presented “‘High Noon’ and American Popular Culture” as part of AUK’s film forum.
Rose and Reschly, with the support of the Center for International Education Abroad, facilitated “Sacred Sites in Greece” in May 2007, taking 23 Truman students to mainland Greece and Santorini, where they were guided by vulcanologist Tom Pfeiffer. The author of “Fire in the Sea,” Walter L. Friedrich, gave a lecture to the group on May 24.
Reschly presented “Documentation, New Deal Administration, Perpetuation, Tourist Attraction: Shifting Images of Lancaster County Amish in the 1930s and 1940s,” at the conference “The Amish in America: New Identities and Diversities,” Elizabethtown College, June 8.
Rose’s essay, “Teaching Gilgamesh: The Historical Context of Obliteration,” which she co-authored with two Truman alumnae Shannon Crowder (’07) and Jennifer Roberts (’07) and Shahrbonu Rezaiekhaligh, a senior history major, was published in The International Journal of the Humanities 4.6 (2007): 65-72. The essay won one of 10 Common Ground Publishing 2007 International Awards of Excellence.
On July 12, Rose presented a guest lecture on “Feminism and Freakery” at the University of Rostock, Germany, where Reschly taught two courses in June and July, mentoring one Truman student in each. Carolyn Minchk, a senior majoring in English and biology, assisted in “Religion and Politics in America;” Abigail Wolcott, a senior in history, assisted with “Women and Gender in Twentieth-Century US History.”
Rose and Reschly led weeklong Advanced Placement Summer Institutes in Kansas City, Rose on world history with Sally West, associate professor of history, and Reschly on U.S. history with Bradley Dyke from Des Moines Area Community College in Iowa.
On Sept. 1, Reschly presented “‘She Would Not Permit That I Should Stay Away From Church:’ The Emotions of a Hausvater and Hausfrau in Europe and the New World, 1821-1868,” at the conference “Myth and Reality of Anabaptist/Mennonite Women 1525-1900 in Continental Europe,” The Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Rose and Reschly presented their co-written research, “Amish Tourism in Lancaster, Pennsylvania as Open-Air Freak Show” on Oct. 2, through the Transdisciplinary Program at the Claremont Graduate School of Religion, Claremont, Calif. Rose presented “Killing Defective Babies” on Oct. 4 at the Institute for Antiquity and Christianity Lecture Series at Claremont College.
In March 2008, Reschly and Rose will travel to the American University of the United Arab Emirates-Al Ain, where they have been invited to present their scholarship.

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