Darfur Refugees Bring Stories of Survival to Truman

At 8 p.m. Oct. 23 in the Student Union Building Activities Room, survivors of the genocide in Sudan’s western region of Darfur will tell their stories as Campus Christian Fellowship hosts "Voices from Darfur," a national speaking tour, sponsored by the Save Darfur Coalition featuring refugees from Darfur.

Launched in summer 2007, "Voices from Darfur" highlights speakers such as Daoud Hari, who fled his village in 2003 after months of bombings by his own government. Hari risked his life as a translator for The New York Times, BBC, and National Geographic, among others and was arrested in Sudan on false espionage charges while translating for Chicago Tribune reporter Paul Salopek in 2006. After 35 days in jail, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson negotiated Salopek and Hari’s release. Soon thereafter, the U.S. government granted Hari refugee status.

Videos of survivors from Darfur and other resources can be found at http://www.voicesfromdarfur.org.

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