Jiba Dahal, assistant professor of physics, and Keshab Dahal, assistant professor of statistics, recently published a peer-review article in the Open Journal of Statistics. In the article, they analyze the crime statistics of San Francisco and its resolution of crime recorded from January to September in 2018. They define resolution of crime as a target variable and study its relationship with other variables.

Anton Daughters, associate professor of anthropology, recently edited “Moquis and Kastiilam Hopis, Spaniards, and the Trauma of History, Volume II, 1680–1781” through the University of Arizona Press. It continues the story of the encounter between the Hopis, who the Spaniards called Moquis, and the Spaniards, who the Hopis called Kastiilam, from the Pueblo Revolt in 1680 through the Spanish expeditions in search of a land route to Alta California until about 1781.

Brian Ott, assistant professor of sociology, has published “Minimum-wage Connoisseurship and Everyday Boundary Maintenance: Brewing Inequality in Third Wave Coffee” in the journal Humanity & Society. Relying on data collected from more than a year of ethnographic fieldwork, Ott argues the specialty coffee industry represents a qualitative shift in the coffee industry, one that produces a new niche market and consumer base that commoditizes sensory experiences as embodied class dispositions.

Truman was recently recognized as the best public college in Missouri for getting a job after graduation by The career resource website rated Truman at No. 7 overall on its list.

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