Faculty and Staff Honored at Service Recognition Luncheon

The Service Recognition Lunch will be at 12 p.m. May 14 in the Georgian Rooms. Honorees receive two complimentary tickets. Others may purchase tickets at $11 each in the Human Resources Office, McClain Hall 101.

5 Years of Service
Suzanne Barnes  — Advancement
Carol Bennett — Center for Diversity and Inclusion
Patricia Bonzani — Physical Plant
Steven Brookhart — Physical Plant
Chandrika Collins — Communication
Jocelyn Cullity — English and Linguistics
Lori Elschlager — Student Health Center
Yuna Ferguson — Psychology
Jeanne Harding – School of Health Sciences and Education
Jennifer Hayden — Physical Plant
Jackie Hester — Sodexo
Stacey Kaden — Accounting
Shelby Miller — Sodexo
Christopher Outzen — Communication
Steven Petersen — Academic Affairs
Curran Prendergast — Music
Jocelyn Prendergast — Music
David Price — Communication
Jason Ragas — Physical Plant
Tammy Ratliff — Regional Professional Development Center
Dana Rigby — Institute for Academic Outreach
Brandy Schneider — Health and Exercise Sciences
Jeremy Shaver — Physical Plant
Vanessa Williams — Mathematics
Danielle Yakle — Art
Jared Young — Institute for Academic Outreach

10 Years of Service
Douglas Ball — English and Linguistics
Curt Blakely — Justice Systems
Joyce Carnes — Admission
Alice Davis — Student Health Center
James W. Hammerstrand — Classical and Modern Languages
Kara Jo Levery — Career Center
Beverly McKim — Sodexo
Pamela Melvin — Nursing
William Nelsen — Residence Life
Gregg Nesbitt — Athletics
Aaron Rooks — Center for Academic Excellence
Michael Rudy — Political Science
Teresa Tucker — Student Health Center

15 Years of Service
Sheila Berkowitz — Education
Charles Boughton — Business Administration
Janice Clark — Health and Exercise Sciences
Alan Davis — Accounting
Roberta Donahue — Health and Exercise Sciences
Ernst Hintz — Classical and Modern Languages
Polly Matteson — Regional Professional Development Center
Shandra Morin — Financial Aid
Andrea Richards — Communication Disorders
Lenora Rogers — Physical Plant
Barbara Smith-Mandell — Truman State University Press
Jammie Tipton — Sodexo
Leland Vanhoose — Sodexo
Anton Weisstein — Biology

20 Years of Service
Tim Acton — Physical Plant
Dan Antal — Physical Plant
Jeff Arabas — Health and Exercise Sciences
Marc Becker — History
Bobbie Burnett — Sodexo
David Cameron — Physical Plant
Carol Carpenter — Sodexo
Brenda Embree — Health and Exercise Sciences
Gary Fagan — Printing Services
Laura Fielden-Rechav — Biology
Aaron Fine — Art
Lisa Glaubitz — Library
Marcy Graham — Center for Academic Excellence
Masahiro Hara — Classical and Modern Languages
Sally Herleth — Human Resources
James McCormick — Chemistry
Kris McKim — Grants Administration
Kevin Minch — Academic Affairs
Chad Mohler — Philosophy and Religion
Marc Rice — Music
Janet Romine — Library
Philip Ryan — Mathematics
Dana Smith — Theatre
Jackie Stewart — Sodexo
Carol Thatcher — Statistics
Karen Vittengl — Psychology
Jerry Wollmering — Athletics

25 Years of Service
Michael J. Adams — Mathematics
Michelle Boyd — Athletics
Carolyn Cox — Health and Exercise Sciences
Todd Palumbo — Mathematics
Mark Hatala — Psychology
Kris Hurley — Truman Bookstore
Lillian Jackson — Physical Plant
Gayla McHenry — Library
Steven Reschly — History
John Stewart — Sodexo
Patty Sutton — Sodexo
Matthew Tornatore — Classical & Modern Languages

30 Years of Service
Nabil Alghalith — Business Administration
Julianna Moore — Music
Steve Nelson — Public Safety
Vaughan Pultz — Chemistry

35 Years of Service
Monica Barron — English and Linguistics
Joseph Benevento — English and Linguistics
Cheryl Cragg — Business Office
Gregory C. Richter — English and Linguistics
Winston Vanderhoof — Publications
Teresa J. Wheeler — Publications

Stephen Allen — Business Administration, 30 years of service
Alcidean Arias — International Education Abroad, 28 years of service
Melody Chambers – Admission, 34 years of service
Kathy Conner — Physical Plant, 22 years of service
James Guffey — Mathematics, 31 years of service
Susan Hamilton — Library, 27 years of service
Regina Morin — Enrollment Management, 24 years of service
James O’Donnell — School of Arts and Letters, 6 years of service
Sherri Palmer – Psychology, 26 years of service
Ronald Rybkowski — Theatre, 31 years of service
Mustafa Sawani — Economics, 34 years of service
Karl Schneider — Physical Plant, 20 years of service
David Schutter — Athletics, 26 years of service
Robert Techau — Physical Plant, 12 years of service
Heidi Templeton — Public Relations, 28 years of service
Wynne Wilbur — Art, 17 years of service
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