Nurses Participate in Advocacy Day

Department faculty, staff and senior nursing students participated in the 31st annual Missouri Nurses Association (MONA) Nurse Advocacy Day at the Capitol in Jefferson City, March 7.

Nurse Advocacy Day is intended to raise awareness of the legislative process for nurses and nursing students. The daylong event also aims to equip participants with techniques that will help them advocate for patients and nursing practice to legislators. Students learned about MONA’s legislative priorities and had opportunities to promote nursing issues at the state level by meeting with elected officials.  

The event concluded with a presentation by Teresa Anderson, past president of the Nebraska Nurses Association, member of Midwest MSD Board of Directors and consultant for the American Nurses Association (ANA) Nursing Knowledge Center. The presentation, “Nurse Advocacy: It’s Everybody’s Business … Now!,” highlighted the importance of leveraging professional association membership, which can help nurses combine their personal and professional voices in advocacy for important health care issues.

Senior nursing students, faculty, staff, Rep. Nate Walker and Sen. Brian Munzlinger met at the grand staircase in the Capitol Rotunda for a group photo to document the daylong event. Nursing faculty and staff attending the event included Stephanie Powelson, Stephen Hadwiger, Pam Melvin, Brenda Wheeler, Corrie Willis and Kendra Jones.
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