Greek Week 2017 Committee Announced

The following students have been selected to represent the 2017 Greek Week Committee. Greek Week will be the first week of April.

Paulie Massey, director
Francisco Juarez, director
Kevin Ogle, staff lead
Damon Pee, advisor
Katie King, staff - wellness and prevention
Kenady Moore, staff - public relations
Lincoln McCoy, staff - alumni relations
Maura Kelly, staff - events
Sam Gallup, staff - innovation and assessment
Maura O’Toole, lip sync chair
Remy McClain, lip sync chair
Elizabeth Roe, events chair
Elodie Hromockyj, events chair
Remington Hampton, philanthropy chair
Noah Watson, philanthropy chair
Meaghan Hill, awards, court, apparel chair
Stephen Powers, awards, court, apparel chair
Camden Woods, public relations chair
Julie Staszko, public relations chair
Autumn Shepherd, values chair
Grace Shannon, values chair
Spencer Wilson, budget officer

More information about Truman’s Greek Week can be found at

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