Students Encouraged to Add Professional Interests

A variety of professional interests, such as pre-law and pre-med, are now available for students to add to their programs. By adding a professional interest to their majors, students can receive important information and resources. For example, a student with a pre-med interest would receive announcements about MCAT prep courses, workshops and more.

Add a professional interest by logging onto TruView and following these directions:

  • Select the Student tab
  • Under Student Data select Change, Add, Drop Majors/Minors or Catalog
  • Select Degree Program Update Form—Student
  • Select Catalog Year and Submit (This is usually one's first year at Truman)
  • In the section that says Update First Major and Degree To:
    • Go to the drop down box for Professional Interest
    • Select the preferred interest
  • Press Submit at the bottom of the page

Students may also change or delete their professional interest at any time by following the same process.

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