Truman Intramural Recreational Sports Planner

Activity: Kickball
Division: Open/AST
Deadline: Oct. 23
*Captains' Meeting: Oct. 26
Play Begins: Oct. 28 and Nov. 4

Table Tennis
Division: Open/AST
Deadline: Oct. 30
*Captains' Meeting: Nov. 2
Play Begins: Nov. 4 and 11 

Entry forms may be picked up at the Student Recreation Center (IM bulletin board) and are available online.

Entry forms must have name, banner ID number and signature of each participant. Entry forms are to be deposited in the metal box located at the Member Services Desk in the Student Recreation Center by 11 p.m. of the posted due date.

Captains' meetings will take place at the Student Recreation Center Conference Room.

All intramural rules posted in the handbook are applicable with every sport/event. Each participant is responsible for reviewing Student Recreation Center guidelines and intramural guidelines available on the Web site before any participating in any event/sport.

*Dates are subject to change upon discretion of director, please utilize the Web site for the most current information.
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