TruFit Faculty and Staff Wellness Group to Begin in September – Sign Up Today

“I want to start exercising and changing my diet, BUT…” Many people want to make changes in their exercise and diet behavior and just have a difficult time getting started or getting anything to stick. Not enough time; not enough will power; just no motivation.

This September a new program is being offered for people who would like to become more regularly active and eat healthier, BUT! TruFit Wellness Group is a 12 week education program focused on teaching group members skills needed to empower lifetime health behavior changes. Group members will learn: planning strategies for change, goal setting for success, nutrition tips and concerns, physical activity benefits and options, overcoming obstacles, using social support, combating negative thoughts, and creating their own motivation.

Any Truman faculty and staff who are at least 20 pounds overweight and not currently engaging in regular physical activity is encouraged to join. Meetings will occur in a group format and will be offered on Tuesday evenings starting Sept. 12. This is a cost-free group being offered as a service to the faculty and staff of Truman State University.

If you are interested in learning more about the group or would like to sign up, contact Jennifer Hurst by phone at 785.4464 or e-mail
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