Jerrold Hirsch
, professor emeritus of history, has published, “Kentucky Folk Art: New Deal Approaches,” in Kentucky By Design: The Decorative Arts and American Culture, ed. Andrew Kelly. Lexington: University of Kentucky Press, 2015. The book has been nominated for the Fred Kniffen Book Award for the best authored book in the field of North American material and for the Allen Nobel Book Award given in honor of superior scholarship in the field of North American material culture.

Robert Martin, professor emeritus of education, had two major piano compositions released this summer by Parma Recordings on the Ravello Label. The two works, “100 Views of Mt. Fuji: 100 Pieces in 100 Minutes—Homage to Hokusai” and “Stone & Feather,” appear on the double CD, “Playful Edge of the Wave.” The “Stone & Feather” work and some of the “100 Views” have been performed at Truman. Martin retired in 2011 but has continued to be active writing and composting modern classical art music.
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