Campus to be Tobacco-Free Starting July 1

More than a year ago, the Truman Board of Governors approved an update to the current no smoking policy to include the entire Truman campus grounds. The tobacco-free policy includes cigarettes, smokeless tobacco and electronic nicotine delivery systems, or e-cigarettes.
This past year, Truman’s Health Center, Student Affairs, the Student Rec Center, Residence Life staff and Human Resources have been offering smoking cessation programming to assist students and employees with this change to a tobacco-free campus.
That support is still available for any employee who wishes to become tobacco-free. Mindy Aucutt in Human Resources has been trained as a smoking cessation coach and is willing to meet individually with employees. In concert with a personalized coaching/support program, nicotine replacement products, such as gum, lozenges and/or patches, as well as other helpful habit-reducing products including flavored chewing gums and toothpicks, can be provided. The coaching sessions and the products are free of charge to employees. Anyone who believes they might benefit from these services can contact Aucutt at 660.785.4031 or to set up an appointment or to discuss a plan that might be helpful.

Students that wish to become tobacco-free, or believe they might benefit from the services of a coach and/or provision of nicotine replacement products and other habit-reduction products, can contact any of the Student Affairs smoking cessation coaches to set up an appointment or discuss a plan that might be helpful. The entire list of smoking cessation coaches, as well as additional information about the cessation program, is available at All smoking cessation products and services will be provided to students free of charge.