Power Outage Scheduled for Aug. 2

A 10- to 12-hour power outage will be necessary Aug. 2 when Ameren Missouri reroutes the back-up power feed to most of the Truman campus.

While this is an inconvenience, Ameren engineers say the work is critical to avoid future power outages on campus. When a fire occurred at the Randolph Street substation last March, Ameren Missouri discovered the back-up power feed to most of the Truman campus was not effective. Before Ameren can replace the fire-damaged switching equipment at the substation, they must first re-route the back-up power feed.

The following buildings will be affected: Adair House; McClain Hall; Baldwin Hall; McKinney Center; Blanton-Nason-Brewer; Missouri Hall; Boiler Plant; Patterson House; Bulldog Kennels; Pershing/Health Sciences Building; Dobson Hall; Pickler Memorial Library; Fair Apartments; Ryle Hall; Grim Hall; Stokes Stadium; Kirk Building; Violette Hall; and Kirk Memorial.
Buildings not affected include: Barnett Hall; Campbell Apartments; Centennial Hall; General Services Building; Magruder Hall; Ophelia Parrish; Randolph Apartments; Ruth W. Towne Museum and Visitors Center; Student Recreation Center; Student Union Building; and West Campus Suites.

During this power outage the impacted buildings will be closed, as there will be no air conditioning, fire alarms or elevator service. Because ITS is in McClain Hall, the campus computer network will also be down.