University Publication Highlights Local Endeavors

Since 2012, “Harry: A Journal of Thought and Action,” has featured academic pursuits and innovative endeavors on Truman’s campus, and this semester, the publication will continue to tell stories that are having local, national and global impact in its third edition.

Titled in honor of the University’s namesake, this publication serves as the final product of the Communication Department’s news and reporting and feature writing courses. The content is done entirely by undergraduate Truman students under the mentorship of Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and professor of communication, Marilyn Yaquinto.
While the process of interviewing, researching and reporting serves as an educational experience for students, the journal itself invites the entire campus community to join in the interdisciplinary learning process, as stories focused on pioneers in business, industry, government, education and science are highlighted.

A subscription to Harry is free and can be requested online here.

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