"Happy Week" Schedule

ResLife “Happy Week” events will take place March 17-21

Encouragement Delivery Service
4-7 p.m.
March 17
Ryle Hall, Missouri Hall and Centennial Hall
Paper and pens will be provided for residents to write an encouraging note to someone else. To encourage them to do this, we’ll reward them with a piece of candy for doing it. A piece of candy will also be delivered with the note. The notes will be distributed by the SAs before the end of the following day.

“I’m Happy Because…” Photo Booth
4-7 pm
March 18
Ryle Hall, Missouri Hall and Centennial Hall
Residents will write why they are happy on the white board and have their picture taken. Pictures will be emailed to residents and then uploaded to Facebook, at their written consent.
Balls of Joy
4-7 p.m.
March 19
Ryle Hall, Missouri Hall and Centennial Hall
Residents will be able to make their own stress balls with balloons and flour. They also get to draw a fun smiley emoticon on them.
The Psychology of Being Happy
8 p.m.
March 20
Student Union Building Down Under
Dr. Michele Breault, a professor of psychology at Truman, will present a talk on happiness. What makes people happy? What are the physical and emotional benefits? Come find out.
“Happy Feet”
8 p.m.
March 21
Ryle Hall Main Lounge
The movie “Happy Feet” will be screened. Popcorn will be provided. Happiness will be attained.
Throughout the week:
Happiness Banner
A large banner will be present at a multitude of the events. This banner will say “I’m happy because…” and will collect the reasons for residents’ happiness throughout the week. After the week is over it will be displayed outside the library.
Happy Music Video
Based off of Pharrell Williams’s 24 Hours of Happy project, ResLife will both advertise and display the event with a happy music video. All organizations on campus will be asked to participate by sending in video clips of them dancing to the music. The clips will be culminated into one film that will be posted on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets.
I Smiled Today!
This will take place all week long. When SAs see a resident smile they will ask why they’re smiling and reward them with a sticker.
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