Assessment at Truman

How Does Truman Measure Up?

Think You Know Your Professors?

In both 2011 and 2012, more than 80 percent of first-year students surveyed said they “expect to graduate from Truman knowing three or more faculty well enough to ask for a letter of recommendation.” However, of the seniors surveyed, only 28 percent reported that they “discussed grades or assignments with and instructor” and a mere 19 percent said they “talked about career plans with a faculty member or advisor.” Now is as good a time as any to get out and meet your professors. Whether you are a freshman just beginning to get to know your department, or a senior looking for after-college opportunities, getting to know the faculty is always beneficial. How many professors do you know well? Are you meeting the expectation? You can access this data, as well as other interesting facts, via the Assessment Almanac, at
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