Mohler Designs Winning Mobile Application

Chad Mohler, professor of philosophy and religion and developer of the iPhone application TruTouch, was recently named winner of the “Mobile for Global Good” programming competition sponsored by Big Nerd Ranch.
Big Nerd Ranch ( is one of the premiere companies in the world for offering training programs in Mac and iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) software development.

The competition solicited ideas for an iOS application that would facilitate the work of some charitable organization. Mohler’s award-winning submission proposed an application that serves as a portal to JustGive, an organization that, through its database of nearly 1.8 million charities, seeks to connect donors with the charities the donors would like to support.

“Insofar as a JustGive iOS app would help users to find charities they’d like to donate to and then donate to those charities in just a matter of a few taps, such an app would go a long way toward increasing the convenience of charitable giving,” Mohler said of his proposal.

As a result of winning the competition, Mohler received an all-expense-paid weeklong trip to the Big Nerd Ranch in Atlanta, Ga., for training in iOS programming. That training will be followed by a week of one-on-one mentoring at Big Nerd Ranch to facilitate the creation of the JustGive app.

The skills Mohler acquired at Big Nerd Ranch will also help him to continue to make improvements to TruTouch, the Truman iOS app he developed to give iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users convenient, one-click access to various sorts of information about Truman.

More information about TruTouch can be found at Mohler’s software development website,