Students Compete for $10,000 Grant

In May, Truman students Rudolf Cesaretti, Racheal Kissee and Brandon Wehmeyer, attended and competed at the international Road to Innovative Social Entrepreneurship - Pakistan conference at the University of Chicago.

Teams from around the world attended the conference in the hopes of having their proposal implemented through the Human Development Foundation with a $10,000 grant. At the conference teams presented their social entrepreneurship venture to determine which team’s project would be implemented, and also competed in challenges such as marketing and consulting, which counted towards a separate cash prize.

The Truman students’ proposal of establishing a book bank/library in the Hunza Valley in Pakistan placed 5th in the venture challenge and overall the team placed 6th at the conference.

“We may not have won, but we made new friends from all over the world and made contacts who are going to put us in contact with other organizations in Pakistan who may be able to help us implement our proposal even without the grant,” Kissee said. “One way or the other, we want to see this project take off; it may just take longer to raise the funds now.”

The School of Business and the School of Social and Cultural Studies at Truman supported the students’ efforts.