New System to Simplify Website Management for Organizations

Truman’s Information Technology Services (ITS) is rolling out a new system to make it easier for student organizations to maintain their websites.

Because of constant membership turnover and frequently a lack of members with web programming skills, organizations often run into technical issues with keeping their Truman-provided webspace fresh and up-to-date year after year. In response, ITS has been testing a central content management system (CMS) called Wordpress.

Wordpress provides an easy-to-use, point-and-click interface for managing sites and users. Organizations can download free templates, set-up menus or pages and posts with no special software or programming skills needed. There are also thousands of free plug-ins to easily add other features, such as photo galleries and calendars. In addition, organizations can manage their own access permissions.

Best of all, because it is accessed through a web browser, Wordpress will work from any computer, on campus or at home, with no special software or operating system required. Truman’s Wordpress is centrally managed, so groups will never have to worry about updating the software.

A number of organizations are already using Wordpress with great success.

Any interested groups can contact Todd Kuhns at
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