Band Pioneer Portraits on Display in OP

Nine framed portraits of the most prominent band directors in the history and development of the concert band in America have been installed in the Department of Music.

The eight large prints and one original work are by Thomas Trimborn, professor of music. Included in the grouping are Patrick Gilmore, Herbert L. Clarke, Arthur Pryor, Edwin Franko Goldman, A.A. Harding, Henry Fillmore, Glenn Cliffe Bainum, Karl King and the incomparable John Philip Sousa, who at the turn of the 20th century was unquestionably the most famous musician in the world.

The portraits all have appeared in national music publications and are reproduced in a brochure available to visiting students and to the public, along with brief texts about each individual. The permanent exhibit will be located in the first floor Ophelia Parrish hallway.

trimborn edited.jpg
Nine newly installed portraits hang in the Ophelia Parrish hallway. They are the works of Thomas Trimborn, professor of music.
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