Medical Leave Bank Open Enrollment Available Until June 30

Medical Leave Bank open enrollment for staff is currently under way and will be available through June 30.

The purpose of this program is to provide additional paid medical leave for staff who have exhausted their accrued medical and vacation leave benefits as the result of their own catastrophic illness or the need to care for a spouse, child or parent suffering from a catastrophic illness. It was established in 2007 as the result of a resolution passed by the Board of Governors.

Open enrollment for this program takes place annually from June 1-30.

Employee eligibility requirements include the following: must be a non-faculty employee who earns medical and vacation leave; must have been employed at the University for a period of one year or more; must have worked 1,250 hours or more during the previous 12 months; and will have a minimum of 10 medical leave days and five vacation days after the initial donation made to the Bank.

Employees must be an active member of the Bank to apply to use the program. Further details regarding the program may be found at

Membership in the Bank begins with an employee’s contribution of at least one day of leave (medical or vacation) during an Open Enrollment period and continues from year-to-year with the annual donation of leave until the member submits a revocation form or until a member’s termination of employment, retirement, death or failure to donate a leave day during the Open Enrollment period for the next fiscal year.  

Additional donations of leave time to the Bank may be made at any time however, donations occurring outside of the Open Enrollment period do not qualify the employee for membership.

To enroll, employees should log in to TruView and select the “Staff” tab. Employees may check their eligibility status by clicking on the “Medical Leave Bank Enrollment Eligibility Checklist.” Once eligibility is confirmed, employees may contribute medical or vacation leave to the Bank. The maximum annual donation of leave time that can be made by any eligible employee is 40 hours of medical or vacation leave.

For additional questions regarding this program, contact Human Resources at 785.4031.    

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