Faculty and Staff to be Honored at Annual Recognition Banquet for Service to the University

Members of the Truman faculty and staff who are celebrating their retirement, fifth, tenth, fifteenth, twentieth, twenty-fifth, thirtieth, thirty-fifth, and fortieth anniversary of service to Truman will be honored. They will be recognized at the Service Recognition Banquet at 6:30 p.m., May 9, in the Student Union Building Georgian Room. Tickets for the banquet are available for $10 each in the Human Resources Office until May 2. 

The following is a list of faculty and staff to be recognized this year:

David Bethel, Education
Karen Croarkin, Math and Computer Science
Robert Cummings, Social Science
John Erhart, Math and Computer Science
Mary Giovannini, Business and Accountancy
Deanna Gonnerman, Physical Plant
Joan Hunter, Language and Literature
Larry Hunter, Physical Plant
Regina Lindhorst, Health and Exercise Sciences
Fontaine Piper, Human Potential and Performance
Kathy Rieck, Advancement/Admission/ President’s Office
John Sapko, Academic Affairs/Industrial Science
Judy Sapko, Library
Kenneth Strahm, Physical Plant
Robert Tobia, Language and Literature
JoAnn Weekley, Health and Exercise Sciences

Fortieth Anniversary
Ronald Knight, Math and Computer Science

Thirty-fifth Anniversary
Lanny Morley, Math and Computer Science

Thirtieth Anniversary
Sal Costa, Social Science
Jerry Mayhew, Health and Exercise Sciences
Rebecca McClanahan, Nursing
Fred Shaffer, Social Science
Douglas Winicker, Campus Planning

Twenty-fifth Anniversary
Wayne Bailey, Math and Computer Science
Michele Breault, Social Science
Ramona Davis, Education
Elaine DeJovin, Admission
Dana Delaware, Science
Vinita Dew, Science
Scott Ellis, Science
Deborah Frye, Physical Plant
Garry Gordon, Academic Affairs
Connie Jacobs, Library
Karen McClaskey, Library
Charles Parks, Information Technology Services
Seymour Patterson, Social Science
Gwen Perrachione, Information Technology Services
David Robbins, Physical Plant
Susan Shoaff-Ballanger, Fine Arts
Candy Young, Social Science

Twentieth Anniversary
Von Abbott, Public Safety
Joyce Brown, President’s Office
Joyce Burnett, Public Safety
Melody Chambers, Admission
Susan Guffey, Science
James Harmon, Fine Arts
Robert Kelsey, Physical Plant
Ralph Miller, Physical Plant
Scott Olsen, Education
Linda Phillips, Business Office
Stephen Pollard, Social Science
Joy Pugh, Justice Systems
Dana Safley, Admission
Mustafa Sawani, Social Science

Fifteenth Anniversary
Alcidean Arias, Center for International Education
John Bohac, Fine Arts
Brent Buckner, Science
Marsha Cook, Library
Cynthia Cooper, Science
Tim Farley, Language and Literature
Suren Fernando, Math and Computer Science
David Gillette, Social Science
Randy Hagerty, Social Science
Keith Harrison, Business and Accountancy
Brenda Higgins, Student Health Center
Carroll Hills, Physical Plant
John Ishiyama, McNair Program/Social Science
Diane Janick-Buckner, Science
Anne Moody, Science
Terry Olson, Social Science
Silvia Pites, Language and Literature
Kevin Potter, Physical Plant
Barry Poyner, Language and Literature
Catherine Poyner, Business and Accountancy
Irene Richardson, Business Office
David Robinson, Social Science
Peter Rolnick, Science
Mohammad Samiullah, Science
David Schutter, Athletics
Rodney Taylor, Language and Literature
Kimberly Titus, Registrar’s Office

Tenth Anniversary
Tim Barcus, Public Relations
Evonne Bird, Health and Exercise Sciences
Michael Bird, Health and Exercise Sciences
Elizabeth Bradley, Public Relations
Marijke Breuning, Social Science
Jay Bulen, Fine Arts
Sally Cook, Language and Literature
Richard Coughlin, Library
Douglas Davenport, Justice Systems
Julia DeLancey, Fine Arts
Sheila Garlock, Communication Disorders
Janet Gooch, Communication Disorders
Elisabeth Hooper, Science
Melody Jennings, Health and Exercise Sciences
Brenda Killen, Business Office
Christopher Lantz, Health and Exercise Sciences
Debbie Maize, Physical Plant
Meredith McCannon, Nursing
Michael McManis, Planning and Institutional Development/President’s Office
Brenda Moore, Science
Priscilla Riggle, Language and Literature
Larry Rogers, Physical Plant
Sharon Russell, Registrar’s Office
John Sloop, Athletics
Eduardo Velasco, Science
Warren Wells, General Counsel’s Office
Sally West, Social Science
Kathy Williams, Physical Plant
Linda Yager, Student Union

Fifth Anniversary
Scott Alberts, Math and Computer Science
Randall Bame, Fine Arts
Matthew Beaky, Science
Dale Blesz, Education
Kelly Bryant, Physical Plant
Michael Bump, Fine Arts
Julie Burns, Financial Aid
Michael (Scott) Burt, Science
Crista Chappell, Graduate Office
Steven Chappell, Language and Literature
Donna Combs, Physical Plant
Dereck Daschke, Social Science
Tim Deidrick, Athletics
Danion Doman, Language and Literature
Lana Dowell, Business and Accountancy
Charles Dromey, Physical Plant
Taner Edis, Science
Deborah Engen, Justice Systems
Vicki Falls, Physical Plant
Marne Fauser, Athletics
Pamela Gardner, Nursing
David Garth, Math and Computer Science
Kenny Gates, Physical Plant
Jill Graves, Admission
Vern Hall, Physical Plant
David Hudnall, Physical Plant
Charles Hunsaker, Advancement Office
H. Martin Jayne, Justice Systems
Jennifer Jesse, Social Science
Phil Jorn, University Counseling Services
Priya Kambli, Fine Arts
Peter Kelly, Education
Glen Ketterlinus, Publications
Hyun-Joo Kim, Math and Computer Science
Michelle Kleine, Language and Literature
Andrew Klyukovski, Language and Literature
Alexander Koch, Health and Exercise Sciences
Upendra Kulkarni, Math and Computer Science
Joaquin Maldonado-Class, Language and Literature
Marjorie McFarland, Physical Plant
Sam Minner, Education
Sarah Mohler, Language and Literature
Jana Morton, Academic Affairs
Colleen Murphy, Athletics
Andrea O’Brien, Residential Living
Marie Orton, Language and Literature
Donna Patterson, Physical Plant
Toby Peavler, Physical Plant
Steven Peeler, Physical Plant
Kathleen Powell, Academic Affairs
Lena Reardon, Library
Pamela Ryan, Math and Computer Science
Lawrence Scully, Athletics
Denise Smith, Advancement
Tom Tegtmeyer, Math and Computer Science
Alex Tetlax, Language and Literature
Scott Thatcher, Math and Computer Science
Juan Valencia, Language and Literature
Brenda Wheeler, Nursing
Howard Worcester, Physical Plant
Stephen Wynn, Library

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