Truman Expands Direct Admission Options

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Starting with the current recruitment cycle, Truman has opted in to the Common App Direct Admissions program, meaning more prospective students will have an additional path to enrollment at the University.

For years, Truman has been a part of the Common App, a not-for-profit admissions option that allows students to apply to any of the more than 1,000 member colleges and universities with one application. In 2021, the Common App piloted a direct admissions program. By expanding to include this option, Truman can now reach a larger pool of qualified students who could be a good fit for the University.    

While the Common App allows prospective students to apply to a particular school, by participating in the direct admission program, Missouri students who meet criteria established by Truman will receive a direct message letting them know they are eligible for acceptance upon completing their application.

“Participation in the direct admit program will allow us to reach a pool of students who may not have previously considered Truman and provides an opportunity to show them we are an option for their college choice,” said Allison Gus, director of admission. “Sometimes students aren’t familiar with Truman, others may think they are not qualified, so they choose not to apply. This program will proactively let more prospective students know Truman might be the best place for them.”

Missouri high school students utilizing the Common App who have a GPA of 3.4 or higher will be notified they are eligible for direct admission. While this offer guarantees a place in the incoming class, additional criteria may be needed for acceptance into specific programs. Also, direct admit students would still have to go through Truman’s in-house process in order to be eligible for scholarship review.

“Participating in the direct admissions program is really about having access to more students and starting the process of getting them enrolled,” Gus said. “We will still see the same caliber of student we have come to expect, and all of our considerations for acceptance will remain the same.”

Similarly, students who may not qualify for direct admission are still encouraged to apply. Truman offers multiple means of admittance, including test- and essay-optional paths. Automatic admission has also previously been available with an application, transcript and verified test score for students who qualified for the University’s TruMerit Scholarship.

“Truman has always taken a holistic approach to the admissions process. In recent years we have expanded our admissions practices in an effort to accommodate students and speak to the updated expectations of today’s high school students,” Gus said. “Prospective students should feel like college is an accessible option for them and that our team is here to help them reach their goals.”

Expanded opportunity is another byproduct of participating in the Common App Direct Admissions program. A focus of the program is to close the equity gap for low- and middle-income students. In addition to reaching more first-generation students, the program provides resources to families, as well as counselors who have students eligible for direct admission offers.

Applications are open now for the 2024-25 school year. More information for prospective students and families can be found at, or by contacting the Admissions Office at 800.892.7792 or Family and friends who know prospective students who might be interested in pursuing a Truman education can refer a student here.
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