Take COVID Into Consideration for Break


In their weekly discussion recorded prior to Thanksgiving Break, Faculty Senate COVID-19 Working Group committee members Scott Alberts and Nancy Daley-Moore discussed active cases, the extension of the mask policy and the value of getting tested. Although cases linked to Truman have remained low, Daley-Moore and Alberts both agreed the extension of the mask policy for the remainder of the semester was ultimately the correct decision given that known vaccination rates for students and employees could have been higher and that active cases are trending up in Adair County and in several regions around the country. They also recommended individuals experiencing illness should get tested to confirm whether or not they have COVID in an effort to mitigate the spread. Their advice regarding testing and traveling, while offered specifically for Thanksgiving Break, also applies as the semester winds down and students return home for an extended period of time. The full recording of their discussion is available here.
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