National Conference on Undergraduate Research Puts Out Call for Proposals

The National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) recently sent out a national call for proposals from students to submit abstracts and applications for the 22nd National Conference on Undergraduate Research to take place April 10-12, 2008, at Salisbury University in Maryland.

Again this year, the Next STEP Office will be coordinating the application process for the Truman campus; only abstracts submitted through this process will be eligible to receive funding to attend the conference from the University. Truman students will use Truman’s online application at to submit an abstract for consideration by Oct. 30. Students may start submitting abstracts to Truman’s site immediately. Each submission will be reviewed at the departmental level according to a process determined by the department. Departmental reviews will be completed by Nov. 16. Once an abstract is approved by its department reviewers, each student will submit some additional information to the Truman-base Web tool; this information must be supplied by Nov. 27. This additional information will be checked for accuracy by the Next STEP Office, and the Next STEP Office will then submit each approved student abstract to NCUR for their consideration by Dec. 1.  

Address any questions about the process to Jennifer Thompson by e-mail at or Jason Miller by e-mail at
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