Ronald E. McNair Program Receives Funding

The Ronald E. McNair Program was recently notified that it had been refunded by the Federal Department of Education for $255,009 per year for four years (for at total of $1,020,036) from 2007-2011. The federally-funded McNair program prepares undergraduate students from first-generation college and low-income backgrounds, and/or students from ethnic/racial groups underrepresented in higher education, to pursue a graduate degree leading to an academic doctorate. Truman has had the grant since 1992. Since 1992, 244 students have matriculated through the McNair Program and currently 39 are served by the program.

Eighteen McNair alumni have earned a Ph.D. and 19 others have earned other doctoral level degrees. Eighty-two have earned a master’s degree, 32 are currently enrolled in a master’s program and 29 are currently enrolled in Ph.D. programs. This year the grant process was extremely competitive and only 181 McNair program grants were awarded across the country.

The McNair Program was established principally to address the lack of gender, racial, and income-level diversity among the professorate. The program was designed to provide disadvantaged college students with effective preparation for doctoral studies. Although the authorization of the McNair Program dates back to The Higher Education Act of 1965, the first grant competition was not held until 1989. Truman received the McNair grant in 1992 and has since operated an exemplary program.

The success of Truman’s McNair Program lies in the program’s ability to meet the social, academic, and informational needs associated with gaining entry into and completing doctoral programs by first-generation college and low-income students and underrepresented groups in higher education by:
• Involving them in research, mentoring, and other activities;
• Assisting them in graduating from college and enrolling in graduate school;
• Supporting them in the completion of doctoral studies.

McNair Scholars are matched with faculty mentors from Truman State University who supervise research and assist students in achieving their individual post-baccalaureate educational goals. Students participate in pre-research internships during their sophomore year and summer research internships during their junior year. During their senior year, the focus is on graduate school placement.

If you are interested in the program, a McNair Program informational meeting will take place at 6 p.m. Oct. 10 in Violette Hall 1200. For more information please contact the program coordinator, Sarah Hass, at
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