Positive Peers Mental Wellness Support Group Information Meetings

Positive Peers is a new mental wellness support group on campus. Facilitators have been trained on how to lead a peer-to-peer support group by Joe Hamilton, University Counseling Services assistant director and counselor.

Positive Peers is a mental wellness support group for Truman State University students seeking increased peer support for their mental health and wellness. Positive Peers welcomes students currently in distress as well as students seeking to prevent distress. Facilitators are not counselors and cannot provide professional advice. Students in need of professional support should contact University Counseling Services at 660.785.4014. Facilitators will serve as discussion-leaders, providing the group with structure, a safe space to support one another, and referrals to outside sources if need-be.

Potential benefits of joining a support group:
 - Reducing stress
 - Feeling less lonely, isolated or judged
 - Gaining a sense of empowerment and control
 - Improving coping skills and sense of adjustment
 - Talking openly and honestly about your feelings
 - Gaining peer advice
 - Increased social connections, both in number and in depth

For more information about Positive Peers: Mental Wellness Support Group, email Alex Frogge at alf6361@truman.edu or attend one of their two informational meetings at 6 p.m. Jan. 31 in Magruder Hall or 6 p.m. Feb. 1 in Magruder Hall 2050.
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