PR Class Sponsors Administrative Professionals Week


The Communication Department’s public relations class is coordinating Administrative Professionals Week, taking place April 24-28. The purpose of the various events occurring during the week is to show administrative professionals appreciation and support. The public relations class welcomes any and all participation throughout the week from students, faculty and staff.

Schedule of Events

Poster Decoration
April 24
All day
Posted outside the doors of administrative professionals offices
For more information, contact event leader Stacie Wiegman.

Thank You Cards Decorating
April 25
11 a.m.-2 p.m.
The Quad
Students will have the opportunity to write thank you cards to the administrative professional of their choice, and later that day the cards will be distributed to the administrative professionals’ office. For more information, contact event leader Maggie Haynes.

Thank You Treats
April 26
Delivered to the offices of administrative professionals throughout the day
Funding for the treats was generously donated by Student Government. For more information, contact event leader Holly Plackemeier.

File Race and Place Game
April 27
2-4 p.m.
The Quad
Test your skills in a battle of wits and athleticism in the File Race and Place that will help students learn about what Truman’s administrative professionals do everyday. For more information, contact event leader Mitchell Jordan.

Thank You Video
April 28
Throughout the week members of the class will be interviewing students and getting feedback about why they are thankful for administrative professionals. For more information, contact event leader Amber Draper.

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