Student Senate Leadership Excellence Awards Seeks Nominations

Faculty and staff have the opportunity to nominate students for the fourth annual Student Senate Leadership Excellence Awards. Two students will be awarded $500 for demonstrating exemplary leadership during their tenure at Truman.

The committee will evaluate applicants based on their scholarship, activities, service and work experience. Nominees should be leaders both inside and outside of the classroom. This committee also seeks students who are well-rounded, passionate and display integrity in all that they do.

Students should be nominated by faculty or staff in order to be eligible for the scholarship. Faculty and staff can nominate any number of students whom they think would be deserving of this award. Those who choose to nominate a student are required to submit the name of the nominee as well as one or two paragraphs to explain why the student should be awarded the scholarship. Past and current Student Senate members are ineligible. Nomination forms are due by Nov. 1. Nomination forms are available online at

Each student who is nominated will receive an application and letter encouraging them to accept the nomination. The winners of the award will be announced at the end of the fall semester.

Contact Rebecca Hadley at 314.471.5106 or for more information.
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