Macy's Midwest President and COO Talks About Managing a Job Search

With the fall Career Expo 2006 quickly approaching, and December graduates looking to get their feet wet in the corporate world, a visit by Brian Keck, president and chief operating officer of Macy’s Midwest, to Truman Sept. 26, made a positive impression.

Keck spoke to students about the task of managing their job search and becoming successful in today’s corporate world.

The focus of Keck’s speech was on the transitions graduating seniors face going into the corporate world, and success differentiations all students could take with them to implement in their personal and professional lives. He emphasized the point that for an upcoming transition to be successful, students need to figure out what is most important in their lives, and then order those goals according to urgency. Keck also reiterated that not all of students’ attention should go to matters that are urgent; sometimes students need to step back and evaluate what is really important to help them get ahead in life, according to Keck.

Keck split the success determinants into three parts: attitude, the 20/60/20 rule and working as a team to achieve more.

According to Keck, attitude is the key factor in getting ahead at a job. Employees who have a take-charge attitude, and take initiative in their work, are the ones who get ahead in their careers. The 20/60/20 rule refers to the fact that most big businesses tend to spend more time focusing on the bottom 20 percent of their workforce, instead of focusing on the middle 60 percent, or the employees who are looking to make it to the upper echelon within their company. Finally, Keck explained his belief that companies should emphasize employees working as a team, in order to achieve greater productivity.

Keck concluded his speech with a question and answer session. Several informative answers came out of the questions, including details about
Macy’s training program for its new employees, as well as being genuine when responding to interview questions.
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