Sana Camara, associate professor of French, has been invited to speak at Harvard University on Oct. 20 at the “Symposium on Léopold Senghor.” Camara has recently published two articles: “Léopold Senghor ou l’art poétique négro-africain” was recently published in Ethiopiques, and “La génération spontanée de Ibrahima Sall” was published in Le Forum des poetes. His book “Wolof Lexicon and Grammar” will be published this fall by the University of Wisconsin Press in Madison, Wis.

Tom Capuano, professor of foreign language, had his article “Las huellas de otro texto médico en Don Quijote: Las virtudes del romero” published in Romance Notes (45:3).

Alumna Katie Gilbert (‘06) had her article “The Doctor Within” published in the Sept./Oct. issue of Psychology Today.

Joaquín Maldonado-Class, associate professor of Spanish, presented a paper titled “Domitilia: ruptura y continuación del mito de las esencias” at the Jornadas Andinas de Literatura Latinoamericana (JALLA 2006) in Bogota, Colombia, Aug. 14-18.

Mark Spitzer, temporary assistant professor of English, just had his 10th book accepted for publication; Six Gallery Press in Pittsburgh will publish his "Selected Poems: 1990-1994."
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