Acorn Art Displayed Around Campus

As part of a public art project during the fall semester, students in Danielle Yakle’s Introductory to Visual Arts class planned and created the unique acorn pieces featured around campus.
Their idea was to develop a series of acorn sculptures, each with a different theme and color scheme. The concept stemmed from several projects that have appeared in major cities such as the Cakeway to the West, which was recently installed to celebrate the 250th anniversary of St. Louis.
Students chose the form of an acorn both as a sign of the fall season and to celebrate the student fascination with the campus squirrel population. Intended to be lighthearted, the class chose to spread the sculptures throughout the campus, encouraging viewers to explore the area beyond their usual commutes and enjoy finding the pieces unexpectedly as they go about their day.
Each acorn sculpture is approximately two feet tall and attached to a small base. They were constructed with a steel frame covered in concrete and embellished with glass mosaic and paint. The materials were chosen for their ability to withstand outdoor weather and their local availability. While the acorns’ hollow interior helps reduce the weight of each piece, the sculptures weigh between 150 and 200 pounds.