University Conduct Board Seeking Student Affiliates

The Office of Citizenship and Community Standards (OCCS) is seeking freshmen and sophomores to serve as student affiliates on the University Conduct Board.

The University Conduct Board hears cased of alleged misconduct to determine whether a student or student organization’s behavior violates the Student Conduct Code, and if a violation is found, the imposition of sanctions. Additionally, the University Conduct Board seeks ways in which to connect the qualities of citizenship with the values of Truman State University.

The Board is comprised of faculty, staff and student members. Student members would be expected to participate in various social justice and civic projects on campus, as well as participate in administrative hearing and mediation sessions.

The term of appointment is two years.

Applications can be found at They are due by 5 p.m. Oct. 6 in the Student Union Building Room 1110.
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