Chloe Bertschi, graduate music theory student, has been accepted to give a 30-minute presentation on her paper “The Three Personnages of Messiaen’s Instants Défunts” at this year’s MACRO conference, a national conference that will take place from June 27-28 in Madison, Wis.  MACRO, the Macro Analysis Creative Research Organization, is an organization whose primary goal is to promote musical understanding through a practical synthesis of analysis, pedagogy, performance, composition and informed listening.

Brent Buckner, professor of biology, received the 2014 Excellence in Education Award from the American Society of Plant Biologists for his commitment to innovative teaching and high-quality mentoring along with his engagement in funded projects that reach far beyond the University. He was noted for his impressive record of gaining mutual publications for meaningful research projects with undergraduate students and placing students into excellent graduate and professional programs.

Elaine McDuff, professor of sociology and chair of the Department of Society and Environment, organized two sessions, one on Women and Religion, and the other on Women and Global Migration, at the Midwest Sociology Society annual meeting April 3-6 in Omaha, Neb. She also attended the business meeting as the Missouri representative to the MSS Board of Directors and presented a paper on “Women’s Voices from the Zimbabwean Diaspora: Migration and Change.”

Elizabeth Ward, Emma Shirey and Sarah Wesfall, senior sociology majors, presented research projects at the Undergraduate Poster Session at the Midwest Sociological Society annual meeting in Omaha, Neb., April 4. All three students completed their research as part of the two-course methods sequence in Sociology/Anthropology, SOAN 380-Research Design and SOAN 381-Data Analysis. Ward presented “Do Girls Choose Easier Majors,” Shirey presented “Women Judging Women: The Effect of Gender on Female Perceptions of Intellectual and Emotional Competence,” and Westfall presented “From Kanye to Kiss: Demographic Factors as Sources of Social Pressure on Selection of Music Genre.”

The Index was recognized as the Best Newspaper in Division II and the Best In State by the Missouri College Media Association at the MCMA’s 2014 conference April 5. In addition, the Index staff received numerous individual awards including: first place in in-depth news reporting (Rosalie Swingle); first place in news photography (Emily Battmer, Robert Overmann); first place in nonpolitical cartoon (Neil Kohne); first place in story illustration (Rachel Finney); second place in political/editorial cartoon (Megan Archer); second place in editorial/op-ed page (Adam Rollins); second place in feature page (Emily Battmer); third place in sports writing (Jonathan Rembold); third place in sports photography (Anna Grace); third place in sports page (Emily Battmer); an honorable mention in investigative reporting (Clayton Berry) and an honorable mention in editorial writing (Robert Overmann).
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