Andrew William Steinbeck, student composer, wrote an original composition that has been selected for performance at the National Christian Fellowship of Art Music Composers, which will take place at Houghton College in New York. Steinbeck, on bassoon, will perform his composition, entitled “Se Dice en el Campo,” Oct. 25 with Truman student musicians Benjamin Forrester, tenor, and Michael Marmorstein, piano. Selection of this piece for performance is significant, as the CFAMC selection committee reviewed music submitted primarily by established professional composers. Warren Gooch, professor of music, also had a composition selected for performance. His work, “Light of Shadow” for timpani, will be performed Oct. 26 by Houghton College percussion professor Dustin Woodard.

Truman’s Academic Competition Organization fielded two teams at the Collegiate Novice IV tournament at the University of Missouri, Sept. 28. The A team of Nick Vellios, Gabriel Hotz and Emily Leddin won the tournament, going 8-0, while the B team of Justin Bayer, Houston Roberts and Selena Montes placed third, going 5-3. Individually, Montes, Vellios and Hotz finished second to fourth respectively and won scoring prizes. Statistics from the event can be found at
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