Assistance Needed on Bird Research Project

Assistant professor of biology Jason Luscier is conducting research on campus and is asking for help from the Truman community.

Luscier, along with one graduate student and 14 undergraduate students, is conducting an ongoing research study about window bird strike mortality on the Truman campus. The team is asking for students, faculty and staff to report sightings of a dead or injured bird near a window on campus.

The second-leading cause of bird mortality in the U.S. is window strikes, following habitat loss. Birds do not perceive windows the same way that humans do because of the reflections, which can be confusing to them. Consequently, the birds fly into the windows, which depending on the speed and angle, may result in injury or death.

College campuses represent areas that have a high concentration of buildings with windows, and Luscier and his research team believe that this may result in higher levels of bird mortality due to window strikes. During the fall migration, the research team hopes to gain insight into this problem on the Truman campus through identification of the number and species of birds injured or killed by windows.

To report a dead or injured bird near a window on campus, contact Luscier at or at 660.785.4612.

dead bird online.jpg
Student Allison Hanna, left, and Jason Luscier survey a bird as part of an ongoing research study.
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