Professor of foreign language Tom Capuano’s “Nine Technical Treatises for the Practical Professions in Spain: Electronic Texts and Concordances of Selected Texts on Agriculture, Sericulture, Commerce, and Medicine, 1400-1777,” was published in May by the Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies in New York. Since the late 1980s, thanks to Truman’s generous support for undergraduate research and its institutional and scholarship student worker program, Capuano has been able to mentor numerous students in the techniques of transcription of medieval and early modern manuscripts and printed texts for the Dictionary of the Old Spanish Language project sponsored by the Hispanic Society of America in New York. The transcriptions these students helped prepare, while intended primarily as a source of specialized vocabulary for the Dictionary project, represent relatively rare and unstudied texts on diverse practical arts (commerce, medicine, horticulture, etc.) dating from as early as 1400. The texts featured in this collection are:

1) Abd al-Rahman ibn Muhammad’s (“Ibn Wafid,” flourished 11th century) Compendio o Suma de agricultura, in MS 10.206 of the Biblioteca Nacional de Madrid; the preliminary transcription was done by research assistant Daniel Stites (‘99);

2) Aritmética práctica, a collection of excerpts from the Liber abaci by Fibonacci, transcribed with an introduction by Raymond Feilner (’06);

3) Tratado contra toda pestilencia & ayre corrupto preseruatiuo y en parte curatiuo attributed to Alonso Espina;

4) Libro de medecina llamado Macer (Andrés de Burgos, 15270); preliminary transcription by research assistant John Becker (‘05);

5) Agricultura de jardines by Gregorio de los Rios; the 1645 edition (Madrid: Carlos Sánchez) transcribed and corrected by Anthony Baldwin (’12);

6) The 1777 edition of the same text (Agricultura de jardines) by Amanda Kleifoth (’00) with corrections by Kelly (Schute) Ponte (‘10);

7) Discursos del pan, y del vino del niño Jesus by Diego Gutiérrez de Salinas; summarized in 1605 as the Sumario; transcribed by Noelle Striplin (’91);

8) Despertador, a 16th century treatise on the fertility of Spanish soil; preliminary transcription by Stephanie Noll (‘01);

9) Arte nuevo de criar seda, transcribed by Jeremy Loscheider (‘00) with corrections by Anthony Baldwin (’12).

Stephanie Foré, professor of biology, and Hyun-Joo Kim, professor of statistics, published their paper “A conceptual model of the Amblyomma americanum life cycle in northeast Missouri,” with their formal MathBio students Drake Bouzek and Jenni Bevell, in The Journal of Vector Ecology.
Stephanie Foré, professor of biology
, and Hyun-Joo Kim, professor of statistics, published their paper “Modeling the influence of Peromyscus leucopus body mass, sex, and habitat on immature Demacentor variabilis burden,” with their formal MathBio student Tad Dallas, in The Journal of Vector Ecology.

Gregory Jones, professor of music, returned to Greece and Albania in July and August 2013 to perform as a trumpeter and conductor and present master classes in several cities. Stops on his tour included Athens and the island of Corfu in Greece along with Saranda, Berat and Tirana in Albania. On the island of Corfu, Jones was a guest for the Eleventh International Ionian Music Academy hosted by the Melos Brass Quintet of Greece. He conducted wind and brass ensembles and also performed as a trumpet soloist during the festival. He has returned to Greece several times since 1995 when he lived in Athens as a Fulbright Artist in Residence, the first time a musician received this honor.

Hyun-Joo Kim, professor of statistics, and Stephanie Foré, professor of biology, published their paper “Model Selection Criteria for Overdispersed data and its Application to Host-parasite Relationship” in Environmental and Ecological Statistics. Joseph Cavanaugh, professor of biostatistics at the University of Iowa, and Tad Dallas, a formal MathBio student, also contributed to the paper.

At its 49th Grand Chapter Conference in Seattle, Washington, Delta Sigma Pi recognized Truman’s Iota Nu Chapter and the Chapter Advisor. The Iota Nu Chapter won the Outstanding Service Award (2012-2013) for the Gateway Region and the South Central Province. Chapter advisor, Debi Cartwright, professor of business administration, was awarded Chapter Advisor of the Year (2012-2013) for the Gateway Region and the South Central Province.
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