TruScholars Calls for Research Proposals

Undergraduate students interested in facilitating a University-supported, intensive research program during the summer of 2013 may now submit TruScholar Applications to the Office of Student Research (OSR).

The purpose of the TruScholars program is to foster collaborative faculty-student research and creative activities to enhance undergraduate student learning. Projects supported by this program should exhibit the potential for scholarly publication, presentation at a regional or national conference, public performance or a gallery showing. The OSR will fund up to 25 TruScholar applications.

The program will take place during the eight-week summer session—from June 3-July 26. During this time, students should devote full-time effort to their project and faculty mentors should be continuously available for consultation and collaboration.

If student-faculty teams would like to begin their research prior to June 3, they are encouraged to do whatever is best for the project. Participants should keep in mind that intense effort is expected during the eight-week session.

Participants in the program are required to attend all of the following: an orientation during the Spring semester; two professional development workshops scheduled to take place during the eight-week summer session; the Truman Summer Research Symposium on Aug. 24, where projects will be presented to the University community. Faculty mentors are also encouraged to attend the orientation and research symposium, as well as either lead or attend two of the professional development workshops.

Each TruScholars applicant may request up to $5,000 in funds. Funds may cover a stipend for the student (maximum of $3,000) and faculty mentor (maximum of $1,500). Monies for supplies and travel to conduct the research may also be included as long as the total budget does not exceed $5,000.

Students are encouraged to identify a faculty mentor before leaving for winter break. This will allow students to work on drafts of their research applications over the break. On Jan. 23 the OSR will conduct a TruScholars Application Workshop, meant to assist students in their drafting process. 

More information about the TruScholars program, as well as an application can be found at the OSR website