Scott Alberts, professor of mathematics, has been appointed as interim director of Interdisciplinary Studies for a one-year period. His appointment began June 25. Alberts will report to Marty Eisenberg and will coordinate his activities on behalf of Interdisciplinary Studies with Eisenberg and Truman’s new provost, Joan Poor.

Nabil Alghalith, professor of business administration, had his manuscript entitled, “Reengineering with ERP: The Aramco Case” accepted for publication in the Journal of Strategic Innovation and Sustainability.

Erin Shaw, academic advisor, has been elected to the Missouri Department of Higher Education’s Committee on Transfer and Articulation (COTA) Advisory Committee. She will began her three-year term July 1. The Advisory Committee’s primary role is to review proposed revisions and initiatives to statewide transfer and articulation policies and to assess, evaluate and provide feedback on the feasibility of implementation of said proposals. Additionally, the Advisory Council will bring forward to COTA any issues or emerging trends that will affect the transfer of students and/or post-secondary credits between institutions in this state.

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