John Ishiyama, professor of political science, recently had two articles accepted for publication. The first is titled “Europeanization and the Communist Successor Parties in Post-Communist Politics” which will appear in an upcoming issue of the journal Politics and Policy. The second is titled “How ‘International’ are Undergraduate Political Science Programs at Liberal Arts and Sciences Colleges and Universities in the Midwest?” The article will appear in a forthcoming issue of the journal PS: Political Science and Politics.

Tiffany Marchbanks, a senior health science major from St. Charles, Mo.,
did a poster presentation at the “Partnership for Rural and Urban Health” conference for Missouri Society of Public Health Educators, titled “Meningitis Prevention Project” on Oct. 24. Jennifer L. Eldridge Houser, assistant professor of health, is Marchbanks’ adviser and assisted her with the presentation.

Matthew Tornatore, associate professor of foreign languages, recently had his article dealing with Gallicisms in the sixteenth century Italian accepted for publication in Rome, Italy by the Rivista Italiana di Linguistica e Dialettologia.

Several political science students and faculty presented their research at the annual meeting of the International Studies Association-Midwest, which took place at the St. Louis Pavilion Hotel in St. Louis. Ryan Conway, a junior political science major from Kirkwood, Mo., presented his paper “Authoritarian Regimes, Democratic Transition Types and the First Use of Violent Force.” Krystal Fox, a senior political science major from Bellevue, Neb., presented her paper “What Affects Partisan Identity in Sub-Saharan Africa?” and Kathryn Sanders, a junior political science major from Crestwood, Mo., presented her paper “Women’s Presence in Government and its Effects on the Type of Foreign Aid Given to Developing Nations.” John Ishiyama, professor of political science, presented his paper “Testing Theories of Candidate Recruitment-the 2005 Ethiopian Parliamentary Electoral Campaign” and was also named president-elect of the organization and program chair for the 2006 meeting. Also participating in the conference were Stephen Huss, a senior political science major from Nevada, Mo., and McNair Scholar; Krista Kastler, a senior political science major from Kearney, Mo.; Marijke Breuning, associate professor of political science; and John Quinn, associate professor of political science.
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