Nabil Alghalith, professor of business administration, had his manuscript entitled “Defining and Assessing Written Communication Skills of MIS Students” accepted for publication in “The Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice.”

urtis Blakely, assistant professor of justice systems, had his article “Sub-atomic Particles and Prisoners: A Novel Examination of Socio-Physics and Penology” published in the latest issue of the “International Journal of Criminal Justice Sciences.” Blakely asserts that social scientists have traditionally worked in an isolated and independent fashion. While contemporary researchers are more willing to adopt an interdisciplinary approach, little is still known about how the social sciences in general, and penology in particular, might be advanced through a natural sciences’ perspective. His comparison of the sub-atomic and penal realms provides insight into peer-entanglement, energy flow and how each might affect behavior. This article marks the first time that a penologist has employed physics to obtain a greater understanding of prison operations. Blakely’s article can be accessed at
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