David Garth, associate professor of mathematics, and Kensey Riley, a junior mathematics major from St. Joseph, Mo., presented the results of their work for the summer research component of the Next Step Program at the UMKC Expository Talks in Mathematics series. The title of their talk was “Tilings, Infinite Words, and Long Range Order.”

Christopher Lantz, associate professor of exercise science and director of health and exercise sciences, and Carolyn Cox, associate professor of health, have been selected as recipients of the Missouri Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, Robert M. Taylor Professional Service Honor Award for the year 2005.

Sara E. Orel, associate professor of art, has been invited to present on Islamic architecture at the California Institute of the Arts. Her paper, “Constructing Religious Space: Variation in South Asian Mosques” will be presented at “Islam and Arts in Asia: A workshop for College teachers” sponsored by the Asian Studies Development Program and the California Institute of the Arts. She has also been invited to revise the chapter on “Art of Pacific Cultures” for the third edition of Marilyn Stokstad’s “Art History,” the art history survey textbook. In press is the article “Titanica Aegyptiaca,” an examination of scholarly and pop-culture connections between Egyptology and the Titanic, which will be published in the next volume of The Journal of the Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities.

C. Jason White, Wynona Murphy and Shannon Muedeking, academic advisers in the Residential College Program, presented “Harmonizing the First-Year Experience: Advising Initiatives to Increase Student Support” at the Missouri Academic Advising Association (MACADA) conference on Sept. 16. Their presentation also received the “Best of Conference” Award.

Michael Van Bebber, graduate music composition and trumpet performance major, has been invited to conduct an original composition at a college band performance. Van Bebber was one of three composers selected from an international call for scores by the Virginia chapter of the College Band Directors National Association. His composition “March from Sonata No. 1” will be performed at the 31st Virginia CBDNA Symposium on Feb. 12, 2006, by the Virginia All-Collegiate Band, with the composer conducting. In addition to conducting his piece, Van Bebber will participate in a composers’ panel discussion in which he will discuss his musical work.

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