Truman Summer At-A-Glance

June 6-Eight-Week Summer Classes Begin
June 7-Summer Orientation
June 10-Summer Orientation
June 14-Summer Orientation
June 16-Summer Orientation
June 17-18-Tentative Board of Governors Meeting
June 20-Summer Orientation
June 24-Summer Orientation
June 24-26-Taste of Truman

July 1-First Five-Week Summer Classes End
July 4-Independence Day (no classes, offices closed)
July 5-Second Five-Week Summer Classes Begin
July 29-Eight-Week Summer Classes End
July 30-August Interim Begins

Aug. 5-Second Five-Week Classes End
Aug. 6-Tentative Board of Governors Meeting
Aug. 19-August Interim Ends
Aug. 19-Summer Orientation
Aug. 20-Freshmen Move-In Day
Aug. 20-24-Truman Week
Aug. 25-First Day of Classes
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