Learning Technologies Summer Classes

The Learning Technologies Team has scheduled several C-Level SMART Classroom sessions for July and August. These sessions will provide instructors the opportunity to refresh their SMART Classroom skills for this next academic year. For those who have never taught in a SMART Classroom, please note the orientation portion of the “Teaching with Technology” session IS required to teach in a C-Level SMART Classroom. Additional opportunities may be offered in January before Spring classes begin. The Learning Technologies Team is also offering instructors a chance to spend an hour of individual hands-on time honing their teaching skills and reaching their comfort level in a C-Level SMART Classroom. An Instructional Designer will be present to assist and to answer questions. Call 785.7750 to request a session.

Classroom Orientation

July 7
July 15
July 21
July 30
Aug. 19

Advanced SMART
Classroom Orientation

Aug. 20

Along with the SMARTBoard sessions, additional classes have been scheduled that will cover lecture capture should instructors wish to record their courses, Blackboard topics, pedagogy for the incoming class and more!

Educational Pedagogy for
Today’s Truman Student

July 6
July 20
July 29

Teaching with Technology
July 8
July 14
July 16
July 22
July 29
More details may be found online at http://ltt.truman.edu or at the registration page at http://eventmanager.truman.edu/generallist.asp.
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