Gifted Education Webinar Spotlights Program Offerings and Certification Standards

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A webinar spotlighting Truman’s gifted education program will take place from 4-4:30 p.m. Feb. 15 via Zoom.

Jeanne Harding, director of graduate studies and advisor for the gifted education program, will conduct the webinar. She will discuss Truman’s gifted education program and share information from the Jan. 9 State of Missouri Board of Education’s meeting regarding updates to gifted certification for 2024-2025. Registration for the webinar can be found here. There is no registration fee required.

Truman is proud to be a leader in gifted education and support schools by offering a completely online Master of Arts in Gifted Education degree that culminates in DESE certification. Currently, the cost is $310 per credit hour, and there are no additional fees. For those who are not seeking a master’s degree, enrollment for individual gifted education certification courses is also available. As July 1, 2024 nears and Senate Bill 681 goes into effect, Truman is working to support schools that are developing and/or enhancing their gifted education programming.

Further details about the Master of Arts in Gifted Education program are available on the website or by emailing Truman’s program has fall, spring and summer start dates. Summer 2024 classes will begin May 28.
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