Mask Policy Extended Through the End of the Semester


Truman will extend its current campus mask policy until the end of the semester.

This decision was reached after careful consideration of a variety of factors, including campus vaccination rates and recommendations from the CDC. Constituent groups, including Student Government, Staff Council and Faculty Senate, were also consulted.

Data from the recent vaccine incentive program indicates the known fully vaccinated rate is 57% for all students, 63% for residence hall students and 72% for employees. While those numbers exceed the general county rate, they are not high enough on their own to mitigate exposure to and spread of the virus. The mask policy, in conjunction with the campus vaccination rate, has helped to keep Truman-related cases to a minimum.

Based on the CDC COVID Data Tracker, community transmission in Adair County is still listed as “substantial” and masks are recommended for everyone in public, indoor settings.

As has been the case since the beginning of the pandemic, the University will maintain a flexible approach in regard to COVID-19 and make decisions based on all relevant information available. The mask policy will be reviewed again for the start of the Spring 2022 semester.
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