Truman Intramural Recreational Sports Planner

Activity: Outdoor Soccer
Division: Open/Org/Greek
Deadline: March 19
*Captains’ Meeting: March 20
Play Begins: March 26

Activity: Sports Trivia
Division: Open
Deadline: March 25
*Captains’ Meeting: N/A
Play Begins: March 30

Entry forms and information sheets may be picked up at the Student Recreation Center (lobby area). Entry forms are to be deposited into the metal box located at the Member Services Desk in the Student Recreation Center. The entry deadline for each sport will be 11 p.m. on the date posted above. Online registration is available.

*Captains’ Meetings for each sport will take place on the Thursday evening following the entry deadline (unless otherwise noted) at 4:30 p.m. in the conference room of the Student Recreation Center. Official rules for each sport are available online at
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