Sunderland Foundation Awards $1.1 Million Grant to Truman for Autism Center

Truman is one step closer to repurposing a historic community building into northeast Missouri’s first interprofessional autism center thanks to a significant grant from a philanthropic organization.
The Sunderland Foundation of Kansas City recently notified Truman it would be supporting the Greenwood Center renovation project with a total donation of $1.1 million over two years. The University has already received $600,000, with the remaining amount scheduled to be awarded in 2020.
“This center is a very ambitious project, and the investment by the Sunderland Foundation is helping us take a huge step forward in being able to assist individuals and families affected by autism,” Ernie Hughes, vice president for university advancement, said.
Since 2015, Truman has been working to repurpose the former Greenwood Elementary School into an interprofessional center dedicated to serving those with autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders. In addition to licensed professionals on staff, the comprehensive center will provide a valuable opportunity for students to engage in hands-on, high-impact learning experiences.
The Greenwood Center is an ideal project for the Sunderland Foundation. The Foundation seeks to foster “a stronger, safer, and more vibrant future for the community we serve,” and specializes in grants for planning, design, construction and renovation, particularly in the fields of higher education, youth servicing agencies and health care facilities.
The Sunderland Foundation grant provides an invaluable external investment in the Greenwood Center as the University seeks state funds and other grants to complete construction.

Watch the video to learn how the Greenwood Center will impact northeast Missouri and serve individuals with autism.